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Every fall since 1995, owner and chief technician Joel has been shrink-wrapping boats and pontoons for customers to store at their homes or cottages during the long winter months in Quebec. Like all valuable things we own, it's important to keep them in the best possible condition over the years and that starts with proper wintering and storage of your recreational vehicles.


Shrink wrapping is a great way for them to retain their value and offer you hassle-free summer recreation. We offer professional on-site packaging and moisture control bags in every boat, pontoon, caravan and other structures that we pack. There are a few specific steps to obtain a suitable storage under shrink film that will retain and/or evacuate snow accumulations during the winter months. First, we protect each required surface with grey felt, then we build a wooden frame that we put on for a long time to provide a solid support to the weight of snow and/or ice that can accumulate.

Once the frame is built and stretched, we take the right amount of packaging needed to cover what is packaged. The next step is to heat and retract the plastic wrap and create a well-fitting envelope that will prevent elements and creatures from entering. Finally, we add plastic vents on the front and back to provide good air circulation and minimize moisture build-up during the hot winter days and spring thaw. Now your pleasure craft is ready to sleep deeply during the winter months, as your joys and pleasures return to our wonderful summers.


Shrink film is a safe and efficient alternative to indoor storage and on average 15-20% cheaper. With an experience of 3 decades and more than 1000 boats, pontoons and other structures wrapped by Joel himself, we can provide the expected professional services.

For boats and pontoons, prices are set at $2.25 per square foot. Travel expenses of $25 to $75 will apply for out-of-town services. 

To calculate the square footage of your pleasure craft, for example: a 17-foot boat, or 6 feet wide, the calculation is the length multiplied by the width. 17 X 6 = 102 square feet. Depending on the size of the package, you will need one or two moisture control bags. For campers and other structures that you will like to wrap, the prices will be determined upon request.

Take your pleasure craft sleep with confidence during the long winter months with the professional services of «Done-Rite» shrink wrap on site.